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Metwally CPA PLLC

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Who are we


To provide the best quality audits to small businesses owners with reasonable price and to add-value to clients by not only providing audit services but also helping to improve their operations, internal controls, and the identification of valuable performance benchmarks.


  • To provide small businesses owners audit services that are high quality with reasonable price.
  •  To provide our staff auditors a place to flourish and become successful auditors.
  • To protect the public by providing a high-quality assurance service.

Core Values

To achieve our vision and mission we continue to improve our operating system, internal controls, assurance methodology and ourselves through continue learning and improvement.

We provide each client with the highest form of professional personal service possible.

We believe each client deserves to get his questions answered in a timely manner. We emphasize the turnaround response time, won’t let our clients wait for more than few hours, not days.

As trusted auditors, our primary goal is always to support our clients with through auditing service. We continue to update, develop, enhance and strengthen our internal controls to provide the best quality possible.